Success Stories

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Read about some of the lives that Have a Heart has touched - this is what it's all about. Click on the photos to enlarge... Enjoy!


Dana was a senior dog, suffering from cancer, with rotten teeth and no prospect for adoption. She was living out the last of her days at the Town of North Hempstead Animal Shelter. Have a Heart adopted Dana and paid for all of her medical bills, including surgery to remove her cancerous tumors. In addition, Have a Heart was able to find a forever family for Dana in Port Washington, NY where she lived for 5 happy years before her passing.


After meeting a lovable beagle named Dana, who was rescued by Have a Heart, a Long Island family decided they wanted to adopt an at risk beagle. They contacted Have a Heart to assist them in their search. After many calls and visits to local shelters looking for their perfect match, Have a Heart connected the family to Misty at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter. When they finally met Misty, the family could not resist the lonesome look in her eyes and adopted her that day.


After being abandoned by his owner and left to fend for himself in the cold of winter, Handsome was taken in by a compassionate citizen. Have a Heart stepped in, paid for his medical care and desperately tried to find him a forever home. After a long search, Handsome was eventually taken in by the management of an apartment complex in Suffolk County, where he is attended to by the office staff and spends his days socializing with the residents.


Scruffy waited and waited and waited at the Town of North Hempstead Animal Shelter for a family to take him home. Despite their best efforts, the shelter could not get him adopted so they turned to Have a Heart for help. Have a Heart took on the challenge and ran an ad in Newsday to advertise Scruffy for adoption. At last, a family saw the ad in the paper and after meeting Scruffy at the shelter decided to give him a permanent home.